Visiting Doug Humphrey's "Yacht"

OK, some people who do well in the business get themselves nice little luxury, yachts, but nooooooo, not Doug Humphry.

This is a retired British patrol boat renamed the Badtz Maru and put into service as a research vessel. Mostly what they research is how much they can weird out the mundanes. U.S. naval vessels wonder if they should open fire when they see it coming.

I hear that currently, Doug is searching e-bay for a 40mm cannon to replace the one the Brits removed before they sold him the boat. Once he has one, he'll start looking for someplace to invade.

For more photos, see About the Badtz Maru, Badtz On the Bay, WiReD article, and historical site.

Badtz Maru is a japanese cartoon character from the same pantheon as Hello Kitty.

Badtz Maru by day
; Boston skyline in the background.

"Anybody Home?"

Captain Doug and Karyn.

Trying it on for size
; believe it or not, the Mooney has more leg room.

"All this and the compass too! Now how much would you pay?"

Engine Room.
Believe me, the hearing protectors are not optional.

View from Karyn's house. You can see the U.S.S. Constitution from here. Really, you can.